Parker Evans, TLMFT.

Parker Evans, TLMFT.

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Life moves at an ever-increasing pace, and with each new stage, it’s all too easy to feel overwhelmed and drained. But fear not, because you, dear client, are the hero of your own story, and Parker Evans is here to be your caring and compassionate guide, providing the support you need most.

Drawing on an integrative and evidence-based approach, Parker Evans empowers his clients to grow, change, and heal. His expertise lies in assisting adolescents and young adults, aged 11-25, as they navigate the treacherous waters of anxiety, depression, trauma, grief, personality disorders, and life’s transitions. He also sees younger kids on some occasions. Within Parker’s sanctuary of a space, he firmly believes in your ability to forge lasting, positive change in your life.

Parker embraces a systemic perspective, understanding the intricate dynamics of couples and families. As your dedicated helper, he employs warmth, authenticity, and humor to help you unravel the issues disrupting your systems. Together, you’ll discover effective communication, identify problematic patterns, and foster new, healthy habits. The goal? To nurture enduring, meaningful connections with your loved ones.

When Parker isn’t guiding clients toward their transformation, he enjoys playing the piano, immersing himself in a plethora of fantastical novels, and indulging in timeless sitcoms that predate his own existence. Among his cherished tales are “The Princess Bride,” “The Name of the Wind,” “Interstellar,” “East of Eden,” and “The Last of Us.” A Nashville native, Parker finds immense joy in serving his community, and his love for music and games knows no bounds—especially when shared with friends and family.

Your story matters, and Parker Evans is here to join you on your journey, providing the support and guidance you need to overcome life’s challenges. Together, you’ll uncover the strength within, transforming your life’s narrative into one of resilience, growth, and fulfillment. Embark on this adventure with Parker as your compassionate guide, and watch your story–or the story of your child–unfold


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