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Are you looking for a great therapist during these difficult times? Now all of Southeast Psych Nashville’s outstanding clinicians offer teletherapy so you can get the support you need from the safety and comfort of your home. Children, teens, and adults throughout the state of Tennessee can now see one of our top-notch professionals and experience the benefits of excellent therapy. Our online counseling is easy to access–no app to download, no password, just click the link we send to your phone or computer! Call 615-373-9955 to get started.

Southeast Psych Nashville has a unique culture that our clients love. From the time you walk in the door until the time you leave, we want all of our clients to have a special experience.

Our clients have given us terrific feedback about the experiences they have had at Southeast Psych and the services we provide. In a recent satisfaction survey, our clients rated us as superior in every category from the waiting room experience to the quality of service they received from their therapist.

Our team includes some of the best clinicians from around the country. We hire clinicians who have great skills, but also are a good fit for us and for our clients. Clinicians and staff who work at Southeast Psych Nashville must have easily relatable and engaging personalities.

The clinicians at Southeast Psych Nashville maintain excellent reputations locally and across the country. Our clinical staff members are frequent presenters at schools, churches, and other organizations around the region and the country.

Most of our clinicians are not on managed care panels, and we are not usually able to provide in-network benefits. Rather than letting insurance drive the decision of who to see, many of our clients have chosen to see the clinician they believe is the best fit for them. Therapy, unlike some other professions, is an extraordinarily relational service, so we recommend finding the therapist who is right for you or your child. In some cases, that may mean paying out of pocket or paying more to see someone out of network. But compared to most forms of medical care, therapy and testing costs are usually more reasonable. For some, it may be a stretch, but paying out-of-pocket for therapy or testing for yourself or a loved one may be well worth considering. It is not something only the wealthy can afford. Many of our clients are from middle class families who have made the decision that Southeast Psych Nashville and/or a specific clinician is the right choice for them.

It’s our hope that Southeast Psych Nashville will be a good match for you. If you are interested, please take some time to look at the bios of our staff and explore the website. We hope to see you soon.

Southeast Psych is one of the largest and most-respected psychology practices in the country.

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