Cameron Gordon, PhD

Cameron Gordon, PhD

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Picture yourself beginning a journey to cultivate health, happiness, and thriving relationships. On this journey, you may want guidance from a wise expert, someone who not only knows the way but has traveled it himself. Allow us to introduce you to Cameron Gordon, PhD, your guide on this journey towards flourishing in life and love. As both a professor and a skilled clinician, Dr. Gordon integrates the best of psychological research with warm personal qualities.

Drawing from his research on positive psychology, the study of human strengths and virtues, and his extensive work on romantic relationships, Cameron is dedicated to helping adult individuals and couples to not only mend distress in their lives but truly flourish. He leads a dynamic research team that explores topics like mindfulness and gratitude, applying these principles in innovative ways for clients who desire to cultivate more joy, balance, and fulfillment in their lives.

With two decades of experience, Cameron has been a beacon of hope and guidance for countless individuals and couples navigating through relationship distress, anxiety, depression, trauma, loss, guilt, and anger. He has also been instrumental in helping hundreds to develop their own mindfulness meditation practice. His expertise isn’t limited to those facing hardships; he also thrives in helping “satisfied” couples and individuals who wish to learn effective relaxation techniques, extract more joy from life, and simply have more fun!

Cameron’s journey in the field of psychology began with a BS from the University of Illinois, followed by an MA and PhD from the University of North Carolina. He completed his internship at the Duke University VA Medical Center, served on the Editorial Board for the Journal of Family Psychology for ten years, and was the past President of the Couples Research and Therapy SIG at the Association for Behavioral and Cognitive Therapies.

Away from his professional life, Cameron enjoys breathing in life’s simple pleasures, eating s’mores with his family, mountaineering, and surfing. He loves music from Bob Marley and The Avett Brothers, and his reading list includes inspiring books like “Peace is Every Step” and “Living Comfortably with Uncertainty and Change.”

Dr. Gordon is also approved by PsyPact to practice teletherapy in most states. PsyPact, the Psychology Interjurisdictional Compact, is an agreement among participating states that allows licensed psychologists to provide tele-psychology services across state lines. This increases access to therapy for individuals who travel frequently for work, attend college in another state,  those who relocate temporarily, and others. With PsyPact, approved psychologists can offer their services in any participating state, ensuring continuity of care regardless of location. Explore the states included in PsyPact by clicking here.

With Dr. Cameron Gordon as your guide, you are the hero in your journey towards flourishing in life and love. He’s here to light your path, supporting you every step of the way.


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