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Common Questions


Southeast Psych offers a unique family experience which demystifies the therapy world and provides a fun and welcoming space which you will never forget. Our clinicians not only provide therapy for individuals, families, and couples, but we also provide groups, summer camps, and amazing free trainings. We welcome you to tour our offices at anytime!


Give us a call a to speak with an intake coordinator or fill out the online form above. Our intake coordinators know our clinicians well and will help guide you in finding the best match for your own personal needs. They are super friendly and excited to serve you. A return call could take anywhere from 24-38 hours but we always try to return your call as quickly as possible!




Follow the process detailed above (“how do I get started?”) to get the process started.

The initial session is 45 minutes. During this session, relevant background information and areas of concern will be discussed to determine the tests to be administered. Testing fees are determined by taking into account the information discussed. For minors, the initial session is parent(s)/guardian(s) only.

If the clinician determines only a few tests are needed (three hours or fewer), the initial session is $250, testing is $225 hourly, and the follow up session to explain the testing results $175.

If a full evaluation is needed, an all-inclusive fee of $1,550 will be applied. This includes the initial session, all applicable testing (typically four-six hours), and the feedback session to explain the testing results. Depending on scheduling availability, this process typically takes at least a month to complete.



Our practice is out-of-network with insurance companies. We will give you all the paperwork necessary to file with your insurance, but payment is required at time of service. Some clinicians offer reduced fees as well as payment plans. Our clinicians are very goal and relationally focused. Our fees match the experience you will receive. (Please note: We are unable to file insurance claims if you are receiving services at a reduced fee. Information from the United States Government Accountability Office.)


This means clinicians at Southeast Psych Nashville do not have contracts with health insurance carriers. Most individuals have health plans with out-of-network benefits. This gives you the option to receive services from providers outside of your healthcare network with possible reimbursement for covered expenses. By opting to use an out-of-network provider, you could have a higher deductible and the amount of reimbursement could be lower, depending on the plan you have with your insurance carrier.

Payment in full is due at the time of service. We will gladly provide you with all the necessary paperwork to file with your insurance company. Since you are paying for services in full, your insurance carrier will send the reimbursement to the policyholder. We strongly encourage you to contact your insurance carrier directly for information about your coverage.


Ah, the magical money question.  We really wish that good care didn’t boil down to finances.  Then again, we really like feeding our kids and having things like running water. Here’s the deal.  Every psychologist in the office is technically a private contractor, meaning they work for themselves. They set their own hours. They set they own prices.  So, every clinician has a different fee per hour for therapy. These fees may change a bit if you need a little more or a little less than an hour. Typically, an initial assessment costs an average of $225.  After that, most sessions cost around $175 an hour.  But every provider is different. Talk to your intake coordinator and ask questions! Good mental health is priceless.  If money is a concern, be honest with our intake coordinators and with your therapist. It may be that you can work something out with the timing or spacing of your appointments or we refer you to a good therapist who works on a sliding scale.