Forensic Services

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Here at Southeast Psych Nashville, we offer unbiased forensic assessments provided by a knowledgeable and formally trained clinical and forensic psychologist. We understand the challenges and complicated nature of questions being asked by the Court and take care to utilize research-based and scientifically informed practices to make recommendations.

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When a significant mental health issue is raised during the legal process, the court will often utilize the assistance of a psychologist, specializing in the area in question, to evaluate the matter providing information, insight, and feedback regarding the mental health issue. It is important to remember that the trier-of-fact (judge/jury) is one who makes the ultimate decision regarding the question at issue, not the forensic evaluator.


Child Custody Evaluations

  • These evaluations focus on parenting capacity and are utilized to determine if a parent’s mental state poses a risk to the children’s safety. The goal is to do what is in the best interest of the child and a forensic psychologist may be enlisted to evaluate the family to that end.
  • The evaluation will generally include
    • Clinical Interviews
    • Follow-up interviews
    • Testing (as indicated)
    • Parent/Child observation
    • Home Visit
    • Record review
    • Collateral information/interviews
    • Report writing/test scoring

Parental Capacity Evaluations

  • Similar to the child custody evaluation, the goal is what is in the best psychological interest of the child and focuses on parenting capacity. However, these evaluations do not always occur in the context of a child custody matter and can be obtained for a variety of reasons.

Justice-Involved youth psychological services

  • Competency, Mental Capacity, Diminished Capacity
  • Risk assessments
  • Psychotherapy
  • Diagnostic and treatment recommendation
  • Transfer to adult court

Personal and Psychological Injury/Civil Litigation

Competency Evaluations

Mental State and Diminished Capacity

Psychosexual Evaluations

Consultation and Education

  • Case Consultation
  • Psychological Autopsies
  • Collaborative Safety Planning
  • Suicide Prevention
  • Transfer to Adult Court

Expert Testimony



  • General consultation/initial session – $300 (this price will be deducted from the total price of any service completed)
  • Full Child Custody evaluation with testing – $8500 (family of up to 4) +1k per additional child and/or stepparent
    • Amount due at scheduling for full child custody evaluation – $6000
    • Amount due upon completion of the report – $2500
  • Full Child Custody evaluation without testing – $5000 (family of 4) +$500 per additional child and/or stepparent
    • Amount due at scheduling for evaluation – $3750
    • Amount due upon completion of the report – $1250
  • Parental Capacity Evaluation (parent) – $2500
  • Parental Capacity Evaluation (child) – $1500
  • Parental Capacity Evaluation (parent and child) – $3000
  • Psychological evaluation/diagnostic evaluation (child) – $1250
  • Psychological evaluation/diagnostic evaluation/pre-employment (adult) – $2000
  • Personal Injury/psychological trauma – $5000
  • Expert court testimony – $300/hour
  • 15-minute Q and A – no charge

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