What makes your practice different than others?


To be honest, there are other good practices in town with some excellent therapists. We don’t feel competitive with them because we believe our biggest challenge is not having to scrap with other practices or solo providers for clients, but getting the word out to prospective clients that psychology really does enhance people’s lives. Therapy, assessment, and consultation services can be awesome things that can improve the quality of life for many people.

What makes our practice different from the others is that we hope to provide a special experience from the time a person first walks in the door. There is a small coffee station and bookstore inside with a full-time manager and hostess. There is a hangout room with videos and an Xbox for the kids. There is a big screen TV in the waiting area. The staff is friendly and helpful. The whole place feels fun and positive. When we have our clients showing up a half-hour early just to enjoy the coffee and the experience, we know we are doing something right.