How much do you cost?


Ah, the magical money question.  We really wish that good care didn’t boil down to finances.  Then again, we really like feeding our kids and having things like running water.  Here’s the deal.  Every psychologist in the office is technically a private contractor, meaning they work for themselves.  They set their own hours.  They set they own prices.  So, every clinician has a different fee per hour for therapy.  These fees may change a bit if you need a little more or a little less than an hour. Typically, an initial assessment costs an average of $225.  After that, most sessions cost around $175 an hour.  But every provider is different.  Talk to your intake coordinator and ask questions! Good mental health is priceless.  If money is a concern, be honest with our intake coordinators and with your therapist. It may be that you can work something out with the timing or spacing of your appointments or we refer you to a good therapist who works on a sliding scale.